Ladies  and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.  But wait a minute! Maybe  it was Bernie Sanders, Neil Diamond, Julio Iglesias ... or even Judge  Judy or Dr. Phil. When Manny Silver is on stage, you never know who it  could be! Manny is NOT just another vocal impressionist. He's a superb  entertainer who has appeared with symphony orchestras and can flawlessly  impersonate cultural icons ranging from Tony Bennett to Toby Keith. 
      Not only that, he's also a talented comedian who marvelously  mimics and pokes fun at all the presidents of the past 50 years  and impersonates comedy legends like Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Mason  and Larry the Cable Guy.
     Manny's career began as a young boy in  Philadelphia, singing with "older neighborhood guys" on the street  corner and on the school yard steps. Most  of them went on to "normal" day jobs ... and Manny did too, for a while  ... working as a journalist for major newspapers. But he never lost the  show biz bug ... and soon was polishing his act on the South Florida  condo circuit and in major venues, such as the Fontainebleau Hotel in  Miami Beach.
     A savvy show biz agent saw that he had a special  knack for impressions and encouraged him to do more of them. Inspired by  the late Danny Gans, the incredible Las Veges vocal impressionist,  Manny decided it was indeed time for him to travel down the road  suggested to him years before.
       After all, a lot of guys can  sing ... but how many can bring Elvis, Johnny Cash, Bill Clinton, Barack  Obama and rappers like Pitbull and Cee Lo Green to life in one show  with hilarious results? Manny Silver that's who!

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